Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lovin designer re-sale shopping!

So even though I'm sitting for a family, I was able to hit the a local designer clothes consignment sale. They have it 2 times a year, one in spring and one in the fall. The kids I'm sitting for have a 16 yr old brother, which they are ok if he is there. So in between softball drop off/pick up I went today again and found some more steals! I'm going to admit it..I am a Ralph Lauren freak! I have always loved the little horse since I was a kid? Who knows..I've always loved designer brands, but I don't want to teach my girls that clothes "define" you, I want them to feel confident no matter what they are wearing? Does that make sense? I also have completely let myself go and need to get in shape and start wearing clothes(once I can fit into them again)and be stylish. I swore that when I became a mom that I would not look like a stay at home mom and wear sweats and don't do my hair and makeup. well I do my hair and makeup, but lets just say I definitely am not the hippest mom on the block! OK, so lets get back to the story here, basically I found some good deals and only spent about $70 total. I will post some pics later on the cutest tutu with flower petals sewn inside the tutu and some cute ballet slippers to go with for Simone. The slippers are like pointe ballet slippers and has the ribbons to wrap around her fat little legs! I cannot wait to get her pic in this get up, it is going to be adorable! Enough of this, I need to get to bed! Nighty night!