Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Will's birthday was today and he turned 42! He looks really excited in the pic above that he is turning one year older, doesn't he? NOT! LOL! Maya helped me prepare his birthday dinner. We had top sirloin, baked potatoes and a salad. We ended it with a snickers ice cream cake, a tradition. We will try to get a sitter and go out to celebrate just the two of us and it will be the first time we leave Simone with a sitter. Hopefully this weekend, but we will have to wait and see. I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave her just yet.
Little Simone loves her daddy, but went to bed, before all the birthday festivities started.:)
Maya took forever to eat her dinner tonight, but funny how the ice cream cake on her plate vanished within seconds.....

So I fed Simone around 3pm and she had a big spit up, which is nothing unusual, but there was dark brown tinge in it. Kind of looked like old blood, so I called the ped and they said to keep a close eye on it. Later, she had another big spit up with more dark brown spots in it. I paged the ped and he called back and said it could be a broken vessel from a aggressive spit up or cough(which Will said she had a really bad spit up/coughing episode on Sat.), so we will see. No other symptoms, but still the thought of her spitting up blood is something I don't want to just brush under the table. The Dr. said to keep her spit up cloths, in case we need to send them to the lab...that is kind of gross, but whatever. Poor little Simone, what a little sweetie she is.
So, I'm really enjoying this blog. I can't wait to get caught up on everything else in my life(who knows when that will be)so I can put more time into this. I would love to have time to blog about more of my life and also random things like celeb gossip, politics and views on crazy stuff that my head goes through daily! I also would love to have the extra time to do reviews on kid products and clothes, I give lots of credit to those moms who do all the leg work and help out others by referring them to websites to help make their lives easier!
One more thing! So what's going on with Obama and McCain? I have not been keeping up with all the latest stuff, but cannot wait for the debates this Friday! Looking forward to hear what everyone has to say!