Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy days...

Seems like everyday is so busy. The days go by so fast and worst of all, I don't seem to get anything done! Let's see I have tons of pics I would love to get printed and put in albums, Simone's baby announcments out to more family, cleaning the house, organizing in the kids rooms, cooking and the one thing annoying me is to finish Maya's baby book..she is now 4yrs old!!! Well, seems like I assumed being a stay at home I would have tons of time to get everything done! Have a spotless house, dinner ready every night and time to do fun crafts and work on learning like abc and reading with Maya. LOL! That is so not the situation! I am a strong believer that I should spend the quality time with the kids and not be stressed about the house. I just wonder if that is the excuse that works for me and the easier route.:) No, I truly want to make sure I spend the time with the kids and not look back and regret cleaning the house and not playing with the kids.

Today we went to the DMV then Maya to ballet class. Came home Simone down for a nap and then had to wake her up to go get the little girl I babysit for from school. Then came back got dinner going and took the little girl I sit for to soccer and hour later back home. The day is then almost done! Not really exciting, but routine. Tomorrow Maya will be going to preschool in the am and then going to stay n play afterwards, so this will give Simone and I some extra time together.

Simone is getting so big! She is almost 5 months old and is such a good baby. So sweet and happy. What a little love! Seems like she is growing up so quickly and I wish I could slow down the time. I need to go get her 4 month pics done somewhere before she turns 5 months, but not sure if that is going to happen. I remember with Maya we got her pics done professionally almost every month and feel bad it won't be the same for Simone. I'm sure she will turn out just fine though.:)