Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do my kids miss me?

I've been staying with a family and watching their 3 kids while their parents are on vacation. I helped them out last year and they asked me if I would do it again. It's a little trickier this year, since I have Simone and breastfeeding. So I brought my pump and bringing milk home for Simone(they live 10min. away). It's working out great and a little break from Maya's "whining" has been kind of a nice thing(I do miss it though, we will see if I say that when I get back home). Even though I still came home 1-3 times a day still, seemed like they both got bigger over the few days, especially Simone. Isn't that funny how when you are with your kids every minute and then away from them, it seems like forever! Will did just fine without me, he is such a good dad. Hands down he would do a better job at staying home then I do. He would even have the house clean and dinner on the table if he was the at home parent! Love you hunny!XOXOXO!