Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Maya with her Easter Bucket on Easter morning.

I love Babylegs, they are such a great product. We love them so much, we even let Trixie wear a pair.
Look at the girls face when they saw the Easter Bunny up close.
The Smith clan with the Easter Bunny!
Maya shared some of her Easter eggs with Simone.
Simone sitting by her little friend.

Maya had to have this really cool Disney Princess kite, not just a little cheap one, this ones is big and elaborate up close. After the Easter Egg Hunt(took place a week after Easter), we went over to the park to test it out. A great day, very windy and it took off easily. I think Will had more fun with it than she did.
Simone loves swings! Maya never seemed to like them as a baby, so it is so fun to swing Simone at the park.
Simone is 11 months old, time has just flown by way too fast!