Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simone is 10 months old

Here is Simone's 10month old pics. I have not been getting her pics done professionally much at all. I think we got Maya's done like every other month if not every month. These turned out cute
This one below is my favorite. It shows off her gorgeous brown eyes.

I forgot to add this pic from Boston. We had to visit the ocean before we left Cape Cod, MA. Maya found the perfect rock to do her "Ariel" pose on. You know where Ariel sings her tune and holds up her arms and legs! She needs the practice since she still wants to be a mermaid when she grows up.:)


The Sugden Family said...

OMG! I am loving all the great pics of your girls!! So glad you all are okay, from hitting the dear - how scary! And happy birthday to both of your beauties! Can not believe how fast they grow! We'll be in your shoes with Kindergarten next year, so sad! :( I'm not looking forward to it! :) I just want to keep my babies with me forever!! So tough, but you're doing such a good job raising strong and independent little girls!