Sunday, October 5, 2008

Long Grove Apple Fest!

We love this time of the year, we enjoy going to the Fall festivals on the weekends. Will's favorite is the Long Grove Apple Fest. Apple donuts, caramel apples and brown bag apple pies. The lines are outrageous, but totally worth it! We headed out to beat the rain that was on the way. We got there and it started to sprinkle, but not that bad. As we were in line waiting for our apple delights, it started to rain harder. As soon as we had our treats in hand, we headed back to the car. We didn't realize it till we got home, but Maya was not feeling well. That night, she got a fever and was out of it!

Simone had fun at the apple fest and still full of smiles when we got home! She is 5 months now, can you believe it?!