Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy Day Carving Pumpkins

Today Maya and Will went to the daddy day at preschool. They carve pumpkins, sing songs and have a snack. Since I'm on the preschool board, I helped out in the kitchen with the donuts and refreshments. Simone was in the stroller the whole time, not a peep out of her, just a few smiles for the teachers who stopped by to see her. Maya didn't want to sing for whatever reason, she's a little under the weather I think, so that may of been why? Most of the dads were doing all of the work, but Will let Maya trace the face with a marker and then he cut and she helped take out the seeds and guts. They had lots of fun!

Maya's teacher from last year stopped by to say "hi"!


Melissa said...

I love her new glasses! Looks like they had fun at school. Katherine's class had a party and a costume parade.